What is PCB reverse engineering ?

We also call pcb reverse engineering as pcb copy and pcb clone.It is very popular and common  for electronics technology. We can get the schematics,pcb files and Bill of Materials (BOM) by our reverse engineering for our customers.As we all know,some old electronics products have problems for reparing and updating or it will cost much fee to get new pcb boards from the manufacturers for reparing and updating jobs. But our customers can do the repairing and remanufacturing jobs or selling by themselves once they have the schematics,pcb files,Bill of Materials from us. Reverse engineering job is a fast and economic way to get the engineering files from your available pcb samples!

What PCB we can do the reverse engineering

  • 2-layer PCB
  • 4-layer PCB
  • 6-layer PCB
  • 8-layer PCB
  • 10-layer PCB
  • HDI  PCB
  • FPC  PCB
More information,please feel free to get contact with us:info@epplos-mcu.com

How our jobs proceed 

How we do the Jobs

How we do