Diodes and Triodes are important and common parts on pcb .The main functions are current amplification and switching.And there are many different types of packages,such as SMB,SMC,SOT-23,SOT23-6,SC70,SOT-23-5,SOT-143,SOT-323,SOT-343,SOT-353,SC70-5,SOP-8,DFN,QFN,SMA,SOD-123,SOD-323,SOD-523 and so on.

As you see,their body sizes are very small ,so the manufacturer part number can not be printed on the top and only printed some simple marking codes instead of the manufacturer part number.Based on our experience on pcb reverse engineering work,we will meet many different marking codes when making the BOM List.Some of making code are very common and we can easily to find out the manufacture part number,but some of marking code is not easy to find out the manufacturer part number,because maybe they are from a small manufacturers or they are special part.

Making correctly and completely BOM is an important job of pcb reverse engineering work,Once the BOM has wrong information,we can not prototype good working samples.Our engineer has rich experience on checking out the manufacturer part number from different types of marking code.Welcome to inquiry us and we hope we can help you on such reverse engineering work.