MCU is Microcontroller Unit which is very popular  and common to see in different electronics products,such as Car,Remote,motor,CD player,Game,player, thermometer,Modem,Tire pressure gauge, STB,Hub,Bridge,Router, GPS,PDA,HPC,etc.Because ofthe different needed, we can use 1-bit, 4-bit, 8-bit,16-bit, 32-bit, and even 64-bit for now.

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MCU Crack is a reverse engineering work.Use our technology and rich experience unlock them to read out the code data for studying or some repairing is a complicated and risky work,because we are not sure what difficulties we will meet during the processing.Sometimes,we can not find where are the code data were stored means our work is failed and wasted.Also some mcu have second protections,even we read the code,but it no work.

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My Engineer have rich experience on different types of PIC,AVR,ST7,ARM,DSP,MCS-51  MCUs.And following are some popular part number which we have done and successfully.

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