Shenzhen Epplos Electronics Company is specialized in electronics reverse engineering techonology solutions was found in a young High-Technology city——Shenzhen City!Shenzhen is an important international Logistics Port where is close to Hongkong and Guangzhou!Here has complete and abundant supply chains and you can easily find electronics components sources with competitive cost for your products in Shenzhen city.

We are always working on reverse engineering project since 2013 Year.As we know,the electronics technology innovation is fast and our products are upgrading is also very fast,so some old electronics products have many problem in after-sales services or you will pay the high cost for after-sales service.Our company have very rich experiences and offering one-stop-service on reverse engineering projects which help you solve the after-sales services and save cost and following are our reverse engineering services:

  • MCU Crack,MCU code extraction,Break IC,Unlock MCU and read code,programming


  • PCB Design,PCB Layout Design


  • PCB Copy,PCB Clone


  • PCB Assemblies,PCB SMT+DIP,Testing


  • BOM Components purchasing


  • Marking code Reverse checking