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we can read the program code from the sample,but it does't work! Is it locked ?

Date:2013-08-11 18:10:54
Generally,we can not read the program from the locked mcu,but we only can read like"FF, FF00FF00,0000hex code"
If you read the code are not like these.Below are our engineer's explanation,please check: 
1.Your mcu is not locked.You can read the configuration program,and please check th configuration program whether
 it is chose to encrypt.
2.Not completely locked.So you only can read part of the program code and the other part  you can not read,but you 
 can not burn the program code.Crack this mcu is much more complex!
3.Your mcu sample is damaged.Please check the checksum,after read the checksum many times,but they are always 
different,so it means your sample is damaged.
4.For some speical locked mcu,when you read the mcu program code,you can see some  irregular code,like "ED0100...
" some is FF or OO.For example,PIC16F873A ....