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Why the price is so much difference with our first quotation when we check from your sample

Date:2013-08-11 18:15:30
When the customers need to crack mcu,they will supply us the mcu part number and then we can quote them.So the 
customers will shipping the working samples to us,and our engineer will test the samples when we collect the samples,
but sometimes we engineer will find the right part number is different with which one the cuctomers told us. Because of 
the difference,we engineer will give another new price and maybe they are so much difference.Below are the explanation
from our engineer,please check:
1.The customers have made a wrong part number.For example, the customer's sample part number is AT89C51RC,but 
 he tell us AT89C51.The price for AT89C51RC and T89C51 are much different.
2.The pin of customer's mcu is blown,so we need to do much more work to repair it.(this work will cost much money,even
 the fee is higher than the cracking cost)
3.The part number writen on the sample mcu is not right,after test we can check out the right part number,and we will
 feedback to the customers as soon as possible and give the new quotation to customers.If the customers aggree,we will 
 go on the work,not aggree,we will ship back the sample to customers and refund the deposit to them.