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How to crack mcu? Will damage the sampe when cracking?

Date:2013-08-11 18:26:37
We have two ways to do muc crack and to extract the mcu data code for now.For example,
1,By software,also called "Non-invasive mcu attack",but need much software for help.A homemade device,just like 
 programmer.Use this way,the samples will not be damaged when cracking,but after cracking,the sample is unlocked.
2,By hardware more,and software,also called "Invasive mcu attack".By this way,our engineer need to open (break)the 
 sample,named"decapsulation",and change the circuit(focused ion beam).But by this will not change the function of the 
 samples,only change the structure and circuit of IC.By the two ways,we can finish doing mcu ic crack(mcu ic decryption)